AFL North West: The Finals podcast Ep Six | Mega gallery

The AFL North West finals are upon us and with it The Run To The Finals podcast is no more but The Finals podcast is here.

The team came up with apt new title after hours of brainstorming. It’s exactly the same podcast – the old title just didn’t make sense any more.

And this week, a recuperating Billy Jupp and a refreshed Ben Jaffrey will have a bit more to talk about than usual.

Along with the weekend’s games which saw New England, Inverell and the Tamworth Kangaroos claim wins, the boys will discuss Saturday night’s Gillies Medal count and the looming finals series.

Tamworth Swan Ed George beat out reigning Tony Gillies Medal winner Jake Spackman to claim the crown while there was a stack of other award winners that can all be found here.

This weekend’s games pits Inverell against Gunnedah again while New England and the Tamworth Kangaroos do battle to keep their season alive.


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  • All scores and statistics sourced from SportsTG.


New England Nomads 45.18-288 d Moree Suns 1.2 (8)


Goal Kickers: N. Piper 9, A. Gray 7, D. Richards 6, H. Wakefield 4, L. Ewart 3, J. Bourchier 3, J. Ratcliffe 2, C. Carson 2, C. Nest 2, T. McDermott 2, L. Raymond, G. Gunn, R. Brawne , L. Cudmore, J. Frost


Best Players: P. Inglis, A. Jones, D. Brown, C. Baker, W. Caccianiga, W. Lehman

Inverell Saints 18.12 (120) d Gunnedah Bulldogs 7.9 (51)


Goal Kickers: M. Gobbert 5, J. Desborough-Graham 3, B. Gardner 3, M. Gould 3, G. Falkenberg 2, R. Brien, H. Chappel

Best Players: T. Hill, M. Gobbert, M. Gould, M. Corcoran, S. Kimmince, A. Pages


Goal Kickers: J. Spackman 3, M. Barrow, B. Maher, I. Reeves, S. Proudfoot

Best Players: M. Barrow, B. Maher, J. Spackman, I. Reeves, T. Maher, B. Jupp


Marli Gobbert (Saints) 73

Jacob Spackman (Bulldogs) 66

Dan Overeem (Kangaroos) 50

Mark Ewington (Bulldogs) 50

Christopher Walker (Swans) 38

Dave Richards (Nomads) 33

Angus Quail (Nomads) 30

Thomas Mackey (Eagles) 30

Christopher Whitton (Saints) 29

Michael Gould (Saints) 27


New England Nomads 7.16 (58) d Moree Suns 0.0 (0)


Goal Kickers: L. Raymond, L. Macdonald, K. Brown, P. Cromack, K. Philip, E. Wilson, A. Dyason

Best Players: A. Dyason, K. Brown, L. Macdonald, K. Philip, D. McRae, D. Dehm


Best Players: E. Lehman, N. Clements, S. Mitchell, P. Phillis , D. McMechan, S. Wilson

Tamworth Kangaroos 3.6 (24) d Inverell Saints 3.5 (23)


Goal Kickers: C. Abbott, K. Greenland, G. Joice

Best Players: D. George, A. Brown, N. Deaves, E. Southwell, S. Campbell, K. Greenland


Goal Kickers: K. Hamilton 2, K. Beveridge

Best Players: G. Strang, A. Cox, S. Barber, K. Hamilton, K. Sims, J. Pay


Leah Rose Macdonald (Nomads) 23

Shannon Campbell (Kangaroos) 23

Carissa Baldwin (Saints) 10

Samantha Barber (Saints) 10

Lisa Raymond (Nomads) 10

Katherine Penberthy (Saints) 9

Kelsie Julius (Saints) 8

Tyla Mair (Saints) 7

Daisy George (Kangaroos) 6

Katlin Beveridge (Saints) 6


New England Nomads d Moree Suns via forfeit

Inverell Saints 5.9 (39) d Tamworth Roosters 5.6 (36)


Goal Kickers: R. Thom 2, X. Gobbert, J. Sue-Fong, C. McGillivray

Best Players: J. Mcauliffe , R. Thom, B. Thomas, E. Sue-Fong, S. Blair, L. Beattie


Goal Kickers: E. George, B. Kelly, S. King, J. Vallender, C. Betts

Best Players: J. Vallender, C. Holton, C. Betts, R. Bath, W. George, L. Bramley


Daniel Brown (Suns) 42

Lachlan Martin (Saints) 32

Corey Baker (Suns) 16

Cody Mcgillivray (Saints) 14

Daniel Boyd (Nomads) 14

Dylan Moore (Nomads) 13

Ryan Swann (Nomads) 8

William Mozzell (Saints) 8

Camden Sparke-Gaukroger (Saints) 7

John Montgomery (Suns) 7

Rhyley Thom (Saints) 7

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