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The Armidale Express – established in 1856 – is the third oldest newspaper in New South Wales.

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Armidale is a university city and hub of the New England region. It boasts a market rich in agriculture, education and the arts. It is the home of New England fine and superfine wool and its rich agricultural base also includes beef cattle. The head offices for the Poll Hereford, Angus, Murray Grey and Charolais Breed Societies are found in Armidale, with strong links to the Agricultural Research services of The University of New England. Armidale is also home to the federal government’s Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicines Authority.

The university – the first established in regional NSW – attracts students from all over the world. Together with the three major boarding schools – New England Girls’ School, Presbyterian Ladies’ College and The Armidale School (which have been established for more than 100 years in the city), – they form a strong centre of excellence in education.

The city, rich in culture and the arts, is home to the New England Regional Art Museum, which houses two of Australia’s finest art collections – the Hinton and Coventry Collections.

Armidale, located on the New England Highway, also has a burgeoning tourism industry.
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