Letter to the editor: Earth funerals in Uralla Shire

I could hardly believe what I was reading in The Armidale Express (Friday, August 17, page 3) that the developers of Earth Funerals stated that they had found the “perfect” place for their proposed burial ground.

This “perfect” place in Uralla Shire lies metres from Saumarez Creek, which forms the boundary between Uralla Shire Council and Armidale Regional Council.

I am very concerned as it is a well-known fact that decomposition of human remains in the earth generates leachate and decomposition products, that if permitted to enter aquifers or extend far from the grave site have potential to cause ecological harm to living humans, wildlife, farm stock and the wider ecological environment, including existing bores.

Allowing this development on the flood plain close to Saumarez Creek would be putting public health in real danger.

Landholders, including me, depend on a clean supply of water from Saumarez Creek for livestock and crops. It would be a disaster if contamination of this kind entered our ecosystem through a decision to allow the graveyard to develop on this particular site.

There must be a more suitable site somewhere else.

Denis Monley