North West AFL: New England aiming for another grand final berth

The Nomads are set for a North West AFL title tilt.
The Nomads are set for a North West AFL title tilt.

The New England Nomads are aiming for another shot at the North West AFL title when their finals campaign begins this Saturday.

The Nomads play host to the Tamworth Roos in the minor semi-final at Bellevue Oval. 

While the Nomads have played their way into form in recent rounds, coach James Treweeke believes they will have to step up to win.

“The Roos in the last few years have been very successful and they have managed to get it done every year,” he said. 

“They were up here a few weeks ago and showed that they do have some skills and can damage teams.

“If the weather plays out like it is forecast it might bring the scores down and make it a bit more of a contest.

“They have nothing to lose so I think they will definitely come up and play their hearts out as usual.”

The Nomads have struggled all year to field a consistent team with university holidays and Treweeke admitted it could be the same for the finals series. 

“I pushed all year to try and get that second spot so if we did get the win in that first weekend we could get that middle week off but it is not going to be like that,” he said. 

“There are a few boys who we have managed to qualify throughout the year that will be able to fill in.”