Troy Brazier claims novice prize

Local horsemen and women have found themselves among the winners at the tough King of the Ranges stockman’s challenge in Murrurundi on the weekend. 

NOVICE CHAMPION: Troy Brazier. Photo: Caitlin Reid.

NOVICE CHAMPION: Troy Brazier. Photo: Caitlin Reid.

Troy Brazier took on the novice section of the event and finished first at the end of the two-day competition. 

It was the third time Brazier has taken on the challenge which involves a packhorse event where a rider leads a packhorse through an obstacle course, a stock handling event with a dog and three cattle through another obstacle course, a whipcrack where competitors are to cleanly hit targets, a bareback obstacle course, a shoeing challenge and a cross country course. 

There are also two freestyle challenges in a bareback routine as well as a whipcrack before the finals. 

Three competitors went into the final with each having two minutes to catch a brumby.

Brazier and his two competitors successfully managed to catch their brumbies. On a countback, Brazier was announced the winner.