Ex-councillor Andrew Murat also slams Armidale Regional Council's decision to segregate election candidates

Andrew Murat is the second ex-councillor to blast Council for segregating election candidates onto separate information nights.

Monday’s session is for former councillors and Tuesday is for those new to Council.

Mr Murat agrees.

“This is about the only time in my life that I agree with Herman,” he said.

“It’s not the right thing for them to be separating the sessions.

“It's putting a divide between what people perceive is the old and the new councillors.”

Mr Murat will follow Dr Beyersdorf’s move and only attend the Tuesday session for those new to Council.

But not all former councillors are taking issue with the decision.

Colin Gadd said the two sessions made sense to him.

“There is a whole lot of information that former councillors simply don’t need to hear because we’ve already experienced being on council and would already be aware of those details,” he said.

“I’ll be attending the Monday session.”

Council’s administrator Ian Tiley said both evenings would run, regardless of the numbers.

But former councillors who chose to attend the Tuesday session will only be allowed to observe.

“Former councillors have more knowledge and experience of local government than those that have never been councillors and therefore the two evening are going to be pitched differently,” Dr Tiley said,

“Clearly, those who haven’t run before are going to need more information provided to them on the 20th than would former councillors.”

Both sessions will be held at the Council building in Rusden Street from 6pm to 7.30pm.

Monday, June 19 is for former councillors

And Tuesday, June 20 is for people new to Council.