Sneeze behind fatal car crash: sister

A sneeze led to a 79-year-old widow crashing her car on Waterfall Way near Armidale on Sunday, her sister claims.

Edna Hickson, of Smithtown, was driving to her sister Betty Sheelah's Armidale home when she apparently sneezed about 10.45am, 18km east of Armidale.

 Police reported she failed to negotiate a bend and left the road, rolling her Hyundai Elantra a number of times.

"She was coming to visit me and spend the week with me," Ms Sheelah said.

The family was preparing a huge party for Ms Hickson's 80th birthday in early October, "this accident is just such a shock", Ms Sheelah said.

"She was quite alert after the crash, apparently," Ms Sheelah said.

"When they arrived, she told the paramedics she had sneezed and that was what led to the accident."

Ms Sheelah claimed her sister was taken to Armidale Hospital where she died from internal injuries.

A report is being compiled into the tragic accident for the coroner.