Heartbreaking photos show how echidnas are dealing with the NSW drought

Last week Narromine local Karin Stark shared a different photo of the impact of the NSW drought with us – a picture of an echidna seeking out water from her backyard tap.

We popped it on Facebook and we’ve been getting similar photos from around the country sent to us since.

Above is a collection of the photos that have hit The Land’s Facebook page, of how our native animals are dealing with the drought.

We even got this video from Marlyn Rasmussen who said she was 200 metres offshore at Bribie Island fishing and this little guy swam up to the boat.

“We gave him a lift back to shore,” she said.

And as for Karin’s echidna? She put a little water dish out for it (and its mates) to sip from. 

Karin said she’d seen a few echidnas around her place, but not as desperate as this one.

"We see a few of them around but I've never seen them go looking for water like this," Karin said.