Male sex workers under spotlight in UNE study

ACADEMICS conducting a pioneering study into the sex industry want to interview male sex workers in Armidale.

Victor Minichiello and John Scott from the University of New England  have just published their research into how sex workers use digital technology to solicit customers.

Now they are conducting focused research into  male sex workers. 

Professor Scott estimates there are up to 10 sex workers conducting business in Armidale in any given week.

“The clients of male sex workers tend to be a range of males; not necessarily gay or gay identified males, many of them are heterosexual,” he said yesterday.

“You've got a local cottage industry too and, while that's not huge, it may be something that has an established clientele and is largely invisible.” The academics also want to interview anyone who has used a male sex worker. 

Professor Scott  said it was hard to  quantify the sex industry in Armidale.

“The other thing that's really difficult is what you define as sex work,” he said.

Anyone who would like to be interviewed by Professor Scott or Professor Minichiello should phone 1800 885 240.

RESEARCH: UNE’s John Scott.

RESEARCH: UNE’s John Scott.


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