New England Highway accident blocks Sunday afternoon traffic | PHOTOS


New England Local Area Command police officers responded to an accident on the New England Highway on Sunday afternoon.

Inspector Chris McKinnon said the incident appears to have occurred when the driver of a vehicle travelling north stopped to turn right.

“The conditions were dry and clear,” Inspector McKinnon said.

“It appears the driver of the second vehicle ran into the one in front, they may have taken their eyes off the road.”

A third vehicle travelling south became involved when it swerved to avoid the first crash.

Two people were taken to hospital as a result of the incident.

They were given x-rays as a precaution, but there were no significant injuries apart from bruising.

Traffic was stopped outside Armidale Acres motel on the highway, several kilometres north of Armidale at approximately 2.45 pm.

The highway has since been cleared. The accident happened near the intersection of Blanch Road.

One motorist said they were delayed for about 10 or 15 minutes, while emergency services were at the scene.