New England Dance Theatre has an annual show.

ON POINTE: New England Dance Theatre director Penny Gurner says dance takes profound co-operation.
ON POINTE: New England Dance Theatre director Penny Gurner says dance takes profound co-operation.

An annual themed show has become a tradition for local dance school New England Dance Theatre.

Performed at the UNE Arts Theatre in December last year, Dance and the Voice presented ballet, as well as character poem soundscapes, witches, sirens, songs, singing, and word-play.

"A theme helps us to keep our focus fresh, and every performance event unique," New England Dance Theatre director Penny Gurner said.

Ex-students Dustin Cooper and Elayna Moens contributed their ideas to the picture, invigorating their younger peers with exceptional choreography and technique.

Dustin has been training with Launch Performing Arts Academy on the Gold Coast, and Elayna with the renowned Ev and Bow Academy in Sydney.

Student Heather Gurner is also preparing to take the next step.

She will attend the McDonald College this year to specialise in contemporary dance through a training scheme co-offered with the Sydney Dance Company.

Royal Academy of Dance exam results came in after the show causing further excitement.

Out of 18 candidates (many of them new to the exam process) there were 10 distinctions and eight merits.

"Students supported each other through the challenge with plenty of hi-5ing and encouraging remarks," Penny said.

"Dance is often under-estimated as a team sport but like other complex co-ordinated activities it takes profound co-operation."

The group now face an exciting new era in their own studio space, Penny said.

"It will be wonderful to train in a space of our own design. We have achieved a lot on the basis of hard work, and room to move. Adding some key resources to that, will make a big difference."

Enrolment day will be held on Saturday, February 1 between 10am and 11.30am at Ben Venue School Hall, to ensure continuation of existing class enrolments, and to receive EOI for new classes.

Classes will open for attendance from March 2, when the studio fit-out is complete. For more information phone Penny on 0417 496 495 or email