NSW Fire & Rescue Uralla Brigade new station Captain.

Stephen Frazier is the new Captain at Uralla NSW Fire & Rescue.
Stephen Frazier is the new Captain at Uralla NSW Fire & Rescue.

Stephen Frazier joined the Uralla Fire Station (475) of NSW Fire and Rescue in 2005 and has worked his way to the top to be the station Captain.

“I’ve been the deputy-Captain for the last eight-years, and now the Captain,” he said.

Stephen said it was a big step for him and part of the reason was that, unlike other stations in larger towns, Uralla firefighters were also trained in, and called upon, to perform Community First Response (CFR) duties.


Brigade members get call-outs to incidents requiring paramedics, including some motor vehicle accidents, because they can often get to the scene faster than an ambulance from a larger centre.

“About 90 per cent of our work is related to CFR, and that allows us to go and assist people before the ambulance actually arrives,” Stephen said.

“We are one of the busier CFR stations in the state. Of the top of my head, we’re probably up around the 300 calls for the year.

“In some ways it puts more pressure on us, in some ways it doesn’t. We just do what we’ve got to do.”

We should be run with a crew of 18.

Stephen Frazier

Stephen said he had 12 firefighters on the books and was in the process of recruiting.

“So, we’re looking for about six new members,” he said.

“It really is a great organisation to work for and you will join a great team. On top of that you will get a lot of experience working with all sorts of different tools that we’ve got.

“Being CFR trained can lead to other places, I believe. It can be very beneficial to some employers if you have that as well.”