Letter to the editor: Barnaby Joyce sexual harassment investigation

An anonymous person of some gender, submits a complaint of sexual harassment, unspecified, against the second most senior member of the Australian government.

That person is already under pressure because of personal relationship problems common to many of us.

Immediate response is that an official of an under performing branch of his party withdraws the branch support of the person.

No inquiry just bang, you are dead. Some justice. So the senior person stands down under pressure, for the party benefit.

We are given no proof or even detail of the supposed offence, yet the National Party loses, as well as the national parliament, a most important and effective advocate for not only rural matters but also of national import. 

The Member for New England continues to make the front page of national newspapers, much to the dislike of the minnows that are trying to fill his shoes, without I must add, much success.

Doug Wormald


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