Quirindi High School Clontarf Students visit Fire Rescue NSW Training Centre in Armidale

Year 7 Quirindi High School Clontarf Students got to be fire fighters for they day when they came to Armidale last week.

The students attended the Fire Rescue NSW Training Centre, where they learnt about fire safety and improved their knowledge on how to prevent fire related incidents.

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After undertaking the required safety protocols, students changed into full fire and rescue gear and headed to the training ground for a hands-on experience, where they learnt about the fire truck, how to roll hoses properly, how to connect the water supply to the truck, water pressure valves, different types of spraying techniques from gas dispersing pulse sprays, heat blocking spraying to high power jet spraying.

The day proved invaluable for students and also reinforced their knowledge on how work as part of a cohesive team.

Students then learnt how to navigate through a house on fire and planned safety procedures for their families.