Peta Blyth whets our appetite for Opera in the North West

For many years now, the Opera North West team has brought to the New England Region, the top singers (plus many rising stars) and instrumentalists in concert at Opera in the Paddock and numerous regional concerts. 

Peta Blythe

Peta Blythe

It has been a great privilege to bring this amazing music to people in the country, many of whom would never have had the opportunity to hear such artists and music live.

We continue this tradition in bringing to our very own Armidale Town Hall, international superstar Teddy Tahu Rhodes and associated artists in  the  concert series Banquet - A Musical Feast  on September 21.  

Teddy has performed in many prestigious venues throughout Europe and America - Metropolitan Opera House New York, San Francisco, Hamburg, Munich and the list goes on.

Teddy is perhaps better known in Australia for his performances in From Broadway to la Scala, South Pacific and The King and I opposite Lisa McCune.

What an opportunity to hear him and other amazing singers in such an intimate venue! 

Teddy, tenor Henry Choo, Uralla-born singer Ruth Strutt, myself with pianist Rhodri Clarke – again of international reputation - will present a widely, varied stunning program.

Yes, opera will be featured in opera hits in the first half (many of the tunes recognisable,)  followed in the second half by  folk songs and  musicals and all in English!

No longer dealing with the vagaries of the great outdoors with Opera in the Paddock, (and boy has this year had its vagaries!), the indoors, the theatre presents other delights - the power and beauty of the trained human voice, naked so to speak - no amplification necessary!  Like an athlete  - the result of years of training and study.

Over forty years in the business both performing and teaching young singers,  the power and beauty of the human voice  as never ceased to amaze and intrigue me. No two are the same - it is like a fingerprint.

Armidale don't let this unique opportunity on your door step pass you by!

Come along and be prepared to be blown away!

Peta Blyth is the artistic director of Opera North West Ltd.

  • Banquet: A Musical Feast will take place in the Armidale Town Hall on Friday, September 21, and at the Inverell Town Hall on Saturday, September 22. Tickets and further information: Tel: 1800 240 301