The Imprints performing at the Welder's Dog

The Imprints, Willow and Linden, play on a rooftop in Berlin.
The Imprints, Willow and Linden, play on a rooftop in Berlin.

Armidale-born musician Willow Stahlut is returning home for a gig with her band The Imprints.

She had a band in high school called The Gypsy Hot Club and they did a great deal for the community then and they have all gone on to be great ambassadors for their hometown.

The duo, which is Stahlut and her partner Linden Lester, formed in Melbourne six years ago before moving to the rainforest of the north coast where they live now.

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The Imprints have been playing together for six years and have honed their signature sound, a kaleidoscopic burst of otherworldly dance music.

Created with live looping and sampling created in the moment every time they perform, their use of layering and build-ups to intensify the hefty bass drop always has crowds buzzing.

The Imprints.

The Imprints.

Inspired musically by their travels around the world, The Imprints draw inspiration from the traditional music of Africa, India, Eastern Europe and Greenland as well as reggae, dub and various electronic music styles.

They have played with major artists and at world class festivals around the globe, so have become accustomed to travelling.

After playing at the Welder’s Dog next Thursday, the duo fly north to tour Canada and Europe again.

Spend the longest night of the year at the Welder’s Dog, where The Imprints will play from 7pm to 10pm.