Armidale International Study: Mohammed’s change of pace

Proud father: Mohammed Ameer M Almohammedsaleh and his son at the University of New England.
Proud father: Mohammed Ameer M Almohammedsaleh and his son at the University of New England.

I am Mohammed Ameer M Almohammedsaleh from Saudi Arabia.

While I was studying a diploma degree in Saudi, I was working in a mobile company called Mobily and nothing was harder to me than studying and working at the same time.

After I finished a diploma, I started to find another job that fit my degree in Saudi and while I was doing so, I was dreaming about a bachelor degree in Australia. I contacted my uncle several times who was studying in Canberra asking him how to apply and how to get an offer.

The one who always supported me continuing my degree was my Uncle Ahmed. A big thanks to what he has done for me! He was living in Canberra and I lived with him for a short while. He taught me lots of new rules.

I came to Australia in June 2012 and I started my English course in Canberra. It was a tough time for me just because I only know yes and no words and it was so hard for me communicating with other people. I remembered one of the funny things that happened at school was my classmate asked me who are you, and I said I am fine!

With lots of study and learning from my classmates, I improved my English. After I got my scholarship from Saudi Arabia, I moved to Wollongong to continue my English course, then went back Saudi to get married. I was 26 years old. I brought my wife with me and gave her the opportunity to see, study and learn in Australia. Then, I moved to Armidale to start my bachelor degree. It was a tough time moving from one place to another and engaging with new people, but I loved meeting new friends.

Armidale was to me a big shock! I arrived in June 2014 and it was freezing and so quiet. My expectation was a huge place, but what I saw was a small city! Armidale is a stunning experience and I am so happy with the quiet area. May 24, 2016 – the best moment in my life – happened when my child Rayan was born in Armidale hospital. I have to say that nothing in life had made me as happy as this moment! After very hard work studying and dealing with Rayan, and with my wife’s support and encouragement, I completed my course and have to thank my wife for being so helpful to me. I love being here and love the place I learnt a lot from!