Live and Local | Armidale hosts Locally Made and Played music festival

Don’t stop the music. Play that funky music!

There are a few song titles that are specifically about music, and they would have felt right at home in Armidale late on Saturday, as 27 artists and 10 venues in the CBD brought a microfestival to the city for four hours.

There was music in the mall, with the mall stage and several shops hosting performers, while three pubs and nearby locations including Two Goats Cafe & Bar, Black Dot Music and Charlie’s Last Stand all attracting audiences.

WATCH: Evan + Rhodes play at Two Goats Cafe & Baa

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The artists, who were from the New England region were all paid for their efforts, as were the sound technicians.

Called Locally Made & Played, the microfestival was part of the state government’s Live and Local program, which aims to promote live music in regional NSW.