Rotary Club of Guyra to share Dick Smith's $1million donation

SERVICE: Guyra Rotary president Jenny Cumming says the service club enjoys giving back to the local community.
SERVICE: Guyra Rotary president Jenny Cumming says the service club enjoys giving back to the local community.

Fun, friendship, and fellowship are the objectives of the Rotary Club of Guyra, community-minded people who want to make the world a better place through practical efforts.

“We work together and achieve things,” president Jenny Cumming said. “We are a small group, so the majority of our fund-raising efforts go back into the community.”

The organisation has served Guyra since 1946, doing everything from helping in disasters to putting up seats and benches, creating parks, and raffling firewood.

Now the local chapter is looking for people it can help, particularly through compassionate grants. 

Philanthropist Dick Smith gave Rotary Australia $1 million last year to spend on a deserving individual; the organisation would use the money to match funds raised by their local chapter.

Although the organisation has money to spend, people often don’t think about service clubs when they’re in trouble. 

“You find out on the grapevine,” Ms Cumming said, “and in some cases you can find out too late. You think, ‘If we’d known about it six months ago, it wouldn’t have stopped that outcome, but it might have made it easier.’”

Another Rotary initiative is to present Pride of Workmanship and Business Awards to great employees and businesses, in partnership with the Guyra and District Chamber of Commerce. Nominations are still open, and the winners will be announced on April 27.

The Guyra branch has 15 members, but wants more, particularly 30 to 40-year-olds. Most members are in their 40s to 60s, with a couple over 90.

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“There's lovely fellowship with the other members, and we do occasional get-togethers out of meeting dates,” Ms Cumming said. “You meet new people, and you get some really interesting outlooks from the speakers.

“You get to a stage, too, where you do want to give back. You don't have to give back in a big way, but you're doing something that might make a difference.”

The most recent member was Annette O’Sullivan, who was inducted in November.

She was new to the area, and wanted to get involved in some sort of community or volunteer capacity.

“My experience has been great,” she said. “Rotarians are a very friendly and welcoming group. I have learnt more about this area, and what is happening, and been able to get involved in community activities. I would definitely recommend others join.”

The Rotary Club of Guyra meets twice a month at Rafters Restaurant on the second and fourth Tuesday at 6pm. 

This story Achieving for Guyra first appeared on The Guyra Argus.