Candidate calls for rail report release

David Good

David Good

Shooters and Fishers Party candidate David Good has thrown down the gauntlet over the controversial rail trail. 

Mr Good said he had concerns after Armidale Regional Council voted to investigate the financial benefits of a New England Rail Trail before seeing a community consultation report.

“In December last year, the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet (DPC) completed community consultation into the proposed closure of the railway north of Armidale for a rail trail, with a consultation report due to the NSW Government shortly afterward,” Mr Good said.

“I call on Adam Marshall to immediately facilitate the release of this Rail Trail Consultation Report and perhaps end some of the speculation in regard to this controversial rail trail proposal which has savagely divided the New England community.

“Given the high number of objections recorded by the DPC, it may very well be that the conclusion of this report is that a rail trail is not desirable at this time.

“In any case, the community, as stakeholders in the future of this railway, has a right to access this consultation report and it should be released forthwith.”

But a Department of Premier and Cabinet spokesperson said the state government is still considering the outcomes of the consultation process.

“The NSW Government conducted extensive rail trial community consultations at Guyra and Tenterfield in December, including physical information sessions and written community submissions,” the spokesperson said. 

“Further work is also required by project proponents to keep progressing this proposal.”