How "Reverse Vending" created a new industry

As the year turns, we asked our reporters to llok back on the stories they did in 2017.

Steve Evans chose this as one of his favourites – the new “reverse vending machine” in the Woolworths car park in Glen Innes. It’s part of a drive by the state government to get recycling accepted by more and more people. The thought is that if you give bpeople money for bottles and drinks cans, they won’t throw them away.

As part of Return and Earn, as the state government calls it, up to 180 reverse vending machines at Woolworths supermarkets across the state will allow people to drop off their empty containers and redeem vouchers.

Environment Minister Gabrielle Upton said the partnership with Woolworths means the scheme will be accessible and easy for people to return their empty containers and receive their refund.

“This is the first step in rolling out more than 500 collection points across NSW – the roll out of reverse vending machines as part of a statewide scheme is a first for Australia,” Ms Upton said.

This story The Review: Recycling | VIDEO first appeared on Glen Innes Examiner.