Dreams do come true: NSW is hosting a cob loaf festival

Can you make the worlds best cob loaf?

Can you make the worlds best cob loaf?

Tell your friends – NSW is about to host a COB Loaf Festival!

Cob loaf enthusiasts are encouraged to break out the recipe books ahead of Wellington’s newest festival.

The inaugural event is on November 22 and will showcase a variety of local produce, food and entertainment.

And one talented chef will be crowned “world champion” – according to organiser Andrew Mackay, this is the first festival of its kind in the world.

“Everyone loves a good cob loaf, but I am sure there are some hidden recipes out there that could take cob loaves to a whole new level,” he said.

“We are hoping to draw competitors from far and wide.”

The evening will be on between 5pm and 8pm and there will be plenty of of cob loaves to try.

Mr Mackay said the competition would be judged under the International Cob Loaf Judging Laws, which were currently being drafted.