'Make me famous b----': Journalist abused in Ballarat

A Nine News reporter has been the victim of a vicious tirade from a member of the public on the street in Ballarat.

Maggie Raworth was outside the Ballarat Court on Monday when a man approached her, shouting abuse.

The man, sporting a flannelette shirt, sunglasses and beanie, approached Ms Raworth holding up some kind of pinkie ring boasting about how much money he makes.

"I make ten times the f---ing money you do," he said.

"Get a real job, both o' youse (sic), f---ing journos, lowest of the lows."

Ms Raworth inquired as to what the gentleman's issue was, and his expletive laden tirade continued.

"You chose to be a journalist, there's a million and one jobs out there and you chose to be lying pieces of shit."

As Ms Raworth calmly reached for her phone, the incredibly cross chap moved from his searing assessment of the industry onto some career advice for the young reporter.

"Give it five years and you'll be out of a job, all wrinkled up and shit. You're already getting fat 'n that, so f--- you ain't got much time left," he hypothesised.

Clearly finding the situation both strange and amusing, Ms Raworth then turned the camera on her assailant who made a hasty retreat, but not before offering more of his wisdom.

"Enjoy your life guys," he offered.

"Yeah, film me, bitch. Film me, bitch... make me famous bitch."

Ms Raworth helped him out in that final regard by posting the video to Facebook where it has since been watched more than 12,000 times.

Speaking to NewsCorp, Ms Raworth said journalists were often the subject of abuse when they are on the job.

"It happens all the time, every TV journalist can say that happens to them almost on a daily basis. I get yelled at from cars all the time, it's just part of the job," she said.

This story 'Make me famous b----': Journalist abused in Ballarat first appeared on The Sydney Morning Herald.