MP recommends government app

Local MP, Adam Marshall, is recommending an app for phones and tablets which should tell drivers where the cheapest nearby petrol is.

FuelCheck was devised by the government of NSW (in which Mr Marshall serves) and is meant to give current prices at all the stations in the area so drivers can go to the one with the best deal.

Campaigning for more competition between petrol stations has been a particular cause espoused by Mr Marshall.

He argues that the app might also bring prices down by pushing higher-priced retailers to cut their prices for fear of losing trade to the competition.

Mr Marshall said: “We’ve long seen the impacts of diminished competition in Armidale.

“The city has historically paid a marked premium for fuel, prompting my campaign for an investigation into why retailers are ripping off Armidale drivers at the bowser.

“While the Australian Competition & Consumer Commission report disappointingly found no evidence of direct collusion between retailers, we all know what’s going on in the region and the fuel retailers’ price gouging practices.

“There is no panacea to limited options on the market – but this app will provide a compelling case for retailers to heighten competition with their neighbours.”

There has been some criticism of the app which has been available for about a year, with questions about how up-to-date the prices are.

This story Where’s the cheapest petrol? first appeared on Glen Innes Examiner.