City and Guyra to collide

Guyra’s opening hit out in the first grade competition didn’t go the way they had hoped when they suffered a crushing defeat to Hillgrove.

 The welcome to the top tier doesn’t get any easier as they seek their first win, facing Armidale City in round two who are coming off a comfortable victory against Ex-Services.

Guyra's Shane Wolfenden.

Guyra's Shane Wolfenden.

City’s Karl Triebe finished with 6-6 in the opening round and said despite Guyra taking a beating against the premiers, he expects them to be better against his side. 

“They did have a big loss but you can never underestimate your opponent and we know how dangerous some of those guys from Guyra can be so we are definitely going to go in expecting them putting on their best performance,” he said. 

“Discipline” will be the key to winning the game. 

“It is probably just more the discipline of bowlers and batting on both sides,” Triebe said. 

Guyra captain Charlie Keen lamented the batsmen “threw their wicket away too easily” which contributed to the defeat. 

“This weekend it’s pretty straightforward in getting the win against City,” he said. 

“[We] just need to be a bit more patient with the bat.”