Get a passenger's view from the sidecar of a classic Ural motorbike | VIDEO

What's it like to be in the sidecar of a Ural motorbike. Take the seat and find out in this short video.

The Ural motorcycle plus side-car may not be the most comfortable way of getting from Glen Innes to Grafton but it’s certainly the most stylish.

They were developed in the Soviet Union in 1941 when it was under attack by Nazi Germany.  Stalin needed a way of getting infantrymen plus weaponry about quickly and at short notice and the motorbike sidecar was the answer.

By fair means or foul, the Soviet Union had acquired a design from the German BMW company and based the Ural on it.

The motorbikes make their way down the highway.

The motorbikes make their way down the highway.

Today, it has been remade with the most modern parts and has a cult following in Australia.  The importers are based in Uralla.

On Saturday, more than twenty of them left Glen Innes for Grafton.The only distributor on Australia is Ural of Oz and its General Manager, Clare Mailler, said her riders came from all walks of life.

“They’ve kept their classic design and fitted more modern components as time has gone by”, she said.

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