Lynas Corporation helps the Dartboard into third place


The Dartboard has edged into third place in week three of the four-week shares race, thanks to its holdings in Lynas Corporation.

Lynas mines rare-earths in Western Australia and ships the ore to Malaysia for processing. Rare earth prices are riding high.

Richard Pritchard, who plays as the Chartist, maintains first place and his lead over Angie Ellis of 80 20 Investments.

The market finished the week about half a per cent down at 5690 points which, for the shares race, is the close on Thursday.

Many shares traded ex-dividend over the week and continuing worries over North Korea and the hurricanes in the Caribbean islands and the Gulf Coast of the United States weighed on investors.

Pritchard's portfolio value slipped back a little from last week.

A sizeable gain from his holdings in Vita Group, which operates sales centres on behalf of telcos, mostly offset losses elsewhere in his portfolio.

His original $10,000 in Fastbrick, which develops robots for the construction industry, fell to $13,143 from $14,288 in the previous week.

Ellis's pick of ePAT Technologies continues to do well, though it is a volatile ride.

Her original $10,000 in the company has grown to $18,049, an increase of $1464 on last week, after being down about $2000 the prior week.

The company has a smartphone app that helps those with dementia manage pain by analysing facial expressions and measuring the presence and degree of pain.

The Shares Race is a fantasy shares game. Contestants start with $100,000 across 10 stocks.

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