Vale Mathew John Dunbar

The friends and family of Mathew John Dunbar gathered to farewell him in Saint Patrick's Church in Walcha on August 17, 2017.
The friends and family of Mathew John Dunbar gathered to farewell him in Saint Patrick's Church in Walcha on August 17, 2017.

Oxley Police say that a forensic autopsy has been completed and investigation into the circumstances surrounding Mathew Dunbar’s death continues.

Mr Dunbar was found dead at his property ‘Pandora’ off Thunderbolts Way, just out of Walcha, in the early hours of Wednesday, August 2.

On Thursday August 17 friends and family paid tribute to the man everyone described as genuine, generous and gentle at a poignant service in Saint Patrick’s Church in Walcha.

Mathew John Dunbar

Mathew John Dunbar

The small church was full in spite of the fact that many from the popular farmer’s wide circle of friends were unable to travel to Walcha for the ceremony.

In her eulogy, his partner of three years Natasha Darcy-Crossman described Mr Dunbar as beautiful, loving, caring, generous, kind and sweet.

“I fell in love with him because he loved me when I couldn’t even love myself,” she said. 

“He said having the children, and I in his life was the happiest he’s ever been, but we are so much better for having had him in ours.”

One of Mr Dunbar’s closest friends was Walcha grazier Lance Partridge who spoke about his achievements and his ability to make people laugh.

Mr Dunbar was a member of the Liberal Party of Australia, the National Farmers Association and was elected to the Local Lands Board now known as  Local Land Services. More recently he became active in the Walcha Poultry Club.

“With the passing of his father ten years ago Mathew put a lot of work into developing and improving the family property Pandora and restoring the homestead,” Mr Partridge said.

“He also looked after his workers, the shearers and the shed hands, often washing their singlets and towels so they would be soft and fluffy for the next day’s work. He was always a topliner; he was always best.”

Mathew Dunbar is remembered by good friend Lance Partridge at the service in St Patrick's Church Walcha

Adla Coure from Sydney was unable to attend the service but told the Walcha News she met Mr Dunbar in the Young Liberal Movement of NSW in the mid-1990's. 

“He was a quiet but hard-working person who was well-liked by everyone who met him,” she said. 

“When he attended Young Liberal Convention or Young Liberal Council, he was always vocal in advocating for rural and regional NSW. He was a loyal and caring friend to many people.”

Ms Coure said Mr Dunbar was a ‘salt of the earth’ kind of person.

“He was keen to make sure that whatever policy positions were discussed, that those of us who resided in the city, came to know and understand the complexities and challenges faced by those who lived in the bush,” she said.

“He always held true to his values and was unwavering.   He took his responsibilities as a state council delegate seriously and he epitomised all of the virtues you would want in someone who was interested in politics - he was honest, selfless and advocated for people in his local area. He was generous in his praise just as he was critical if he didn't think the bush was getting its fair share.”

Mathew Dunbar would have been 43 on November 3.