Albies escape with a win

St Albert’s College escaped the Celtic capital with a narrow victory over the combined Glen Innes-Guyra side, who are yet to post a win. 

Albies’ co-coach Chris Kelly lamented his team were nowhere near their best and were “lucky” to get the 14-8 win. 

“We didn't play well,” he said. 

“We made a hideous amount of mistakes but they put us under pressure to make them.

“We need to learn to deal with the pressure more.

“Our blokes should have prepared a lot better than they did and nearly got their bottoms smacked as a result.” 

While his team were far from top form, Kelly credited their opponents with throwing them off their game. 

"Glen Innes is a good side though, when they get a little bit fitter they will cause people some trouble,” he said. 

"We made a lot of uncharacteristic mistakes.

"I just don't think we were mentally prepared for the game we got.

"Glen Innes put us under pressure and played their style of game and we didn't try to counter it. 

"We did our best to hang on and we almost got beaten as a result.”

The scrappy game wasn’t decided until the final 20 minutes when a young player came on to the field and made the difference for Albies. 

"Alex Webster came on with 20 to go and then he saw an opening down the blindside, got to it and scored a try,” Kelly said. 

"If it hadn't had been for that effort we would have probably come in second.” 

The students have the Barbarians this Saturday and Kelly expects to make some changes in the lead up to the game. 

He expects a much better performance from his team in the clash.