MaiaGrazing grazing tool launched at the University of New England's SMART Farm

At the launch.
At the launch.

Ag-tech experts visited Armidale last Thursday for the launch of a new support tool aimed at the grazing industry.

Hosted by Maia Technology at the University of New England’s SMART Farm, the highly anticipated online tool is expected to compliment agronomy and animal nutrition consulting by increasing productivity and profitability in all livestock grazing sectors. 

“MaiaGrazing allows the manager to navigate through those tough seasons without the stress,” Maia Technology CEO Peter Richardson said.

Veteran beef enterprise consultant Bill Hoffman told The Leader productivity was a key driver of profit in the grazing business.

“Anything we can do to efficiently use the feed-base and improve the utilisation is positive in relation to producing more kilograms of beef per hectare – the ultimate key performance indicator,” he said.

“Grazing management is something we’ve always been aware of but never gave a high profile and today is about getting more precise in how to improve grazing management and increase that profit.”

The technology has also been at the forefront of teaching and research at UNE’s SMART farm learning hub. 

“By utilising climate data, local seasonal growth and grazing pressure, the software can forecast animal growth and future sustainability of a farm,” UNE ag/economics student Morgan Murtagh said.

“This system can predict many future scenarios, which allows students real world insight into the industry.” 

This software is the first step to ag-tech research solutions supporting farmers bottom line.