Suspected meteorite seen falling in SEQ and Northern NSW on Easter Sunday

Reports of what appeared to be a large meteorite burning across the sky near Uralla on Easter Sunday has ignited discussion on social media – with some witnesses even catching a video of the falling debris.

The falling meteorite was reportedly seen between Northern NSW all the way up to South East Queensland.

The incident caught the attention of Higgins Storm Chasing and thousands of people online.

April Worley said she could see it at Armidale.

“I could see it … coming up Glen Innes Rd, looking into the northern sky,” she said.

“I thought, ‘that is a huge falling star’ ... it was incredibly bright. [I’m] so glad I wasn't imagining it.”

“We were out walking and hubby spotted a piece falling just behind Woolworths Calamvale Marketplace ... I thought it was kids playing with firecrackers or something,” witness Caroline Donaldson said.

Another witness said they could see the tail breaking.

“[I] saw it right in front of us which seemed only a few 100 metres away,” Justin Millar said.

“Could see all the tail breaking into smaller pieces … so awesome. [It’s the] second one I have seen in my life.”

Brisbane resident Juanita Boyce said she was walking in her suburb of Corinda at 5.55pm when she saw it streak across the sky.

“It was quite large and as it was on dusk it really stood out … [but I] didn’t have time to get the phone out and record it,” she said.