Take A Tablet, by Stella Carolan

My Mum is super crazy,

My Mum is super wild.

And when I say crazy,

I don’t just mean mild.

She’s making me take a tablet,

She’s practically gone mad!

She says: “Come on Dear,

It can’t be that bad!”

“It’s like torture to me Mum,

Like a punishment.” I said.

“If you don’t take that tablet Son,

I will send you straight off to bed!”

“Why do I have to Mum?

Why, oh why?” I say.

“Oh come on Son.” She grumbled.

“We go through this everyday.”

She wouldn’t take no for an answer,

I had to think fast,

But by the time I had finished thinking,

The end of Mum’s patience had passed.

Then all of a sudden,

My mum began to shout.

She screamed and screamed and screamed!

It was starting to freak me out.

“You take that tablet now boy,

You take it right away!

You don’t want to know what will happen,

If you don’t do what I say!”

I stopped and stared at my Mother,

From her toes to her top…

“Well I refuse to STEAL a tablet

From the computer shop!”