Eight New England Businesses will share their success in fostering great company culture at the Company Culture Summit

WHEN you’re having a not-so-great day in the office it affects everything from the amount of work you get through to the way you answer a phone call, this is the philosophy of the Company Culture Summit run by Dianne Gray and Julie Alexander.

The summit will bring eight businesses from the New England together to share their success in fostering a great company culture.

Business performance and behavioural specialist Julie Alexander said that at a fundamental level happy team members bring their best selves to work.

“They interact in the best possible way with clients and customers, they attract higher value clients and customers who want to do business with you, so you attract better profits,” she said.

“If you consider that 25 per cent of employees have openly stated that if they are frustrated at work they take it out on their customers, then you realise how important being happy is.”

JNC Group, TG's Child Care and Rusden Street Physio are just some of the businesses that have been invited to speak on company culture.

“Having a happy culture is something we all aspire to, some places do it better than others,” Dianne Gray said.

“We all know what it’s like when we have someone that is miserable at work, we know it’s energy-sapping, productivity goes down, the misery is toxic and it’s viral.

“To move away from that takes a shift in the mindset of the business leaders, if they invest in their people they will see results.”

Those that take place in the summit will create an action plan to foster practical change in the workplace.

“Businesses have to work tirelessly to create the culture that they want, and let’s be clear here, culture is a journey, it’s not a product you go and buy,” Ms Gray said.

“We want to demonstrate that it doesn’t matter what your industry is, it’s down to the people, the mindset, attitudes and behaviours that you encourage in the workplace.”

The summit is on Thursday December 1, visit cultureincorporated.com.au.


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