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About Employsure
Employsure is part of the Peninsula Group, the largest provider of employment regulations and work health and safety advice in the world.

The Peninsula Group was founded over 30 years ago and has been providing assistance to over 30,000 employers of all sizes and from all sectors since that time.

In 2010, it was identified that the amount of red tape in both employment relations and work health and safety in Australia was increasingly distracting businesses from their core operations, burdening them with regulations that were difficult to understand and implement.

Employsure was set up in response to that problem. We provide employers Australia wide with the support they need on all items employment relations and work health and safety related, giving them the peace of mind to focus on running their business.

Today, Employsure services over 7,000 clients and is Australia's leading workplace specialist and one of the fastest growing professional services companies.

Our vision is for every employer in Australia to have expert advice and assistance on all workplace regulations issues, helping businesses small and large to become fairer and safer in the process.

John Titman Racing began in 1982 when John, a professional speedway rider, opened a speedway parts and supply business with Kevin Titman. Employsure helped JTR with some messy staff problems and put in place a legal structure of policies and procedures to protect them in future. Now managers have peace of mind knowing Employsure is always riding beside them.

John Titman Racing: Riding Beside Them


John Titman was struggling to manage his employees, claiming they “have the ability to stop the successful running of a business”. Before Employsure, the business had no contracts in place for staff and no policies or procedures to help legally manage them. Any staff problems had a major impact on productivity.


John called Fair Work but the advisor just gave him a “blanket answer”. He did not have the skill to interpret what they said and could not apply their general advice to his own case. John believes Fair Work always views small business as not doing the right thing, no matter what their employees have done. He is concerned business has to “walk so many tightropes in line with the law”.


What we did

Employsure met John and Kevin Titman at a time they felt very exposed by an imminent tribunal hearing. They realised they had a “definite need” for our services and acknowledged there were some “big gaps” in their HR. If they were in trouble again, to whom would they go to for help and how would they be able to interpret any advice?


Throughout the tribunal process, Employsure was there to help and protect John Titman at all times. As a result, it was less of an ordeal and provided valuable information about how to prevent this from happening again.


Employsure supplied an employee handbook to clarify the roles and responsibilities of its workers as well as all the policies and procedures the company needed to be compliant and up to date with employment law.


The result


John Titman appreciates the ”loyal backing” Employsure provides, as well as the high level of protection a family business like his needs. Acknowledging his experience of working with us, he considers the advice team at Employsure to be his “right-hand men”.


While staff may be unpredictable at times, John knows Employsure is on his side to help with any employee problems that could affect his business. This gives him confidence that even when there are unexpected hiccups, his business can keep on running.


John says the Employsure service is REAL value for money. Having used our service, he cannot express just how much value the company has already enjoyed so far.


Employsure put necessary structures in place to minimise the exposure of JTR to further employee problems. This reliable structure of policies and procedures has given managers peace of mind as well as a good sounding board for future decisions.