Narwan knocked out by Boggabilla

Ryan Kelly turned out for Narwan in the annual NSW Aboriginal Knockout.

Ryan Kelly turned out for Narwan in the annual NSW Aboriginal Knockout.

As one of the most successful teams in the history of the NSW Aboriginal Knockout, Narwan Eels headed to this year’s event with high expectations. 

After months of fundraising through raffles and sponsors rallying behind the club, they made the trek to Sydney. 

The Armidale-based club took teams in every grade from under 5s through to two opens teams – minus an under 17 outfit. 

A patchy preparation proved costly for Narwan Gold, as they bowed out in the third round after two byes. 

In a twist of fate, it was the team they played in the Group 19 grand final two weeks prior who knocked them out in Boggabilla, playing as Toomelah. 

Narwan coach Peter Moran said there were no excuses for their performance but their opponents were just too good. 

“Bogga started really good and we couldn't get into the game,” he said. 

“We were giving too many penalties away and in the knockout there's only 20 minute halves. They were playing smart and wasting time and we just couldn't get in the game. 

“Overall they were the better side, they just came out of blocks better than we did. We were playing the catch-up football the whole game.

“They had two games under their belts before us and that makes it a totally different thing.”

Newcastle Yowies went on to win the tournament in a grand final against Griffith with Narwan’s Alistair Faulkner and Dennis Moran part of the side. Newcastle’s win earns them the right to host next year.