Wild dog baiting program kicks-off

Wild dog baiting has commenced across the New England ahead of lambing season.

Wild dog baiting has commenced across the New England ahead of lambing season.

AS the New England enters lambing season, local land services and graziers across the region are commencing a wild dog baiting program to control the threat on livestock and native wildlife.

Wild dog facilitator, David Worsley said the 1080 poison baiting program is currently being rolled out across the Northern Tablelands.

“Local land services are in the process of doing a spring ground bating program.

“It’s a broad-scale program to address an ongoing issue.”

An issue impacting on native animals such as Quolls, according to Mr Worsley.

“There’s more than just an economic benefit, the process helps preserve our native wildlife by reverting dogs from the environment,” he said.

Local Land Services Team Leader for Invasive Species and Plant Biosecurity, Mark Tarrant said the program is encouraging landowners across the the Northern Tablelands to join in the program.

“We encourage 1080 participation because it’s the best form of control,” he said.

According to Mr Tarrant spring is the ideal time to target wild dog species.

“Quite often this is the time of year when young pups are leaving the den, so there’s quite a lot of movement this time of the year.

“A strategic baiting program can get ahead of the dogs before they start impacting on livestock production.

“The majority is we’re trying to get ahead of the problem before it becomes a problem and also minimise the impact,” Mr Tarrant said.

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